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In the struggle to get ahead in business and the internet, many small to medium businesses are creating websites. Often, they do not see the real value to their business in having a web site, but feel its one of those things they just have to get. Cost becomes a factor to many. Either the cost is incredibly high or cheap. The rule of thumb is that if its cheap, that's what your going to get. a cheap web site.

Web sites have to evolve and be dynamic in content to attract and engage customers. If the site is not "user friendly" or lacks in esthetics then that will be the perception of the brand.

There are literally thousands of web designers out there, and many people are going for the website in 60 seconds, the monthly $19.99 plan, or really inexpensive ones done in Timbuktu. The problem is that the automated providers will give you a site that looks like millions of others. There will be little or no consultation or customization. These services are mass producers. This can be a good solution for some, but will it be for your business? The other issue with monthly plans is that you don't own the site - you are renting it. This may be a good temporary solution for a start up who does not have a lot of money to develop a site, but the quality and ability to adapt to different mediums can suffer.

Buying an inexpensive web site may also save money up front, but when the develop disappears, or suddenly your hit with unexpected "add on" charges and fees, it can be a problem. We have had so many clients come to us because their webmaster locked them out of their own site, or they cannot find them. In many cases, updates are taking months to complete. We respond to all our customers with 2 business days on all inquires and concerns.

Having a bad website is NOT better than having no website at all. If someone comes to your site and it is poorly done, the perception of your brand and services will decrease. The likelihood of the visitor converting to an actual customer on a poorly done site is less than 25%. Look at your competition? How does their web site look?

Over 60 -75 percent of all consumers purchase online or do comparative shopping prior to making their final purchase. So if your thinking of asking that friend who does web sites or your brother's wife's second cousin who just graduated and can do it for free, think again. The free and cheap site will not only cost you more in the long run. but potentially can hurt your online reputation as a brand.

At Fierce Enigma, we work to provide affordable and fair pricing to customers for all services. Our goal with our all of your customers is to provide value and start a long term relationships.

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